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Brother printer ink in Canada

A Guide to Troubleshooting Brother Printer Ink Cartridge

Brother printers sometimes cannot detect newly replaced ink cartridges even if the ink is full. This is when you get just a messy colour paper. Such problems can arise with Brother printer ink cartridges in Canada. So here are some useful ways to troubleshoot common issues with a Brother printer ink cartridge.

If the Printer Cannot Detect A New Replaced Ink Cartridge

This could happen for many reasons. Installing an incompatible ink cartridge in a Brother printer or refiling the third-party ink into the cartridge can cause the printer to fail in ink cartridge recognition. Sometimes, improper manipulation of ink cartridge installation can even damage the Printer, showing an error word like 'Cannot Detect' on the screen. Based on these reactions, you need to check the new Brother printer ink cartridges in Canada.

If everything is normal and it still cannot detect the ink cartridges, then you need to try to reinstall the ink cartridges by following these steps:

  • Power off the Printer, open the carriage, and carefully remove each colour.
  • Turn on the machine.
  • Reinstall the four-colour ink cartridges while ensuring each colour cartridge is matched in the carriage.
  • Install the brother CMYK four-colour ink cartridges one by one in the right position.
  • Close the cover after the installation of the ink cartridge
  • Tap on 'yes on the displayed screen task question.

Fixing Refilled Ink Cartridges 'No Cartridges' Issues

The brother printer may sometimes show 'Ink Empty' and 'No Cartridge' after installing the refilled ink cartridges. This can occur because one or more of the other three colour ink cartridges are empty and not replaced. To fix this, check which colour ink cartridge is, replace the empty one, and reset the Printer. To reset the Printer, follow these steps:

  • Tap on the ink management on the LCD's task.
  • Select 'Ink Volume' by using the up and down keys.
  • Tap 'OK when the ink volume shows.
  • Press' Exit,' and you have finished the printer setting.

You may also unplug the power off the Printer and restart it if the problem still exists. But remember that printer ink cartridge ink refilling is not recommended as the generic ink may cause the ink cartridge to clog, thus damaging the Printer.

Fixing Messy Colour Print

Sometimes, when printing coloured paper, the Printer may come out with messy coloured paper, which looks awful. This could happen because you have installed the colour ink cartridges incorrectly. You can fix this by opening the Printer and checking the Brother ink cartridges. If the ink nozzles have been clogged, clean the printhead, reinstall each colour ink cartridge one by one with the correct colour order and reset the Printer.

This process can also be used to improve the print quality, for which you need to follow these steps:

  • Press on the 4-colour ink button
  • Select 'Test Print,' press 'Print Quality' and select 'OK.'
  • The Printer will print a 'Print Quality Check Sheet, showing you the 4-colour ink cartridge quality block on paper.
  • The display screen will ask you about the print quality. Press' No' if there is no short line on the test paper.' If it asks you to clean the Printer, press 'OK.' This will fix the messy print colour problem.


These are some common issues faced with Brother ink cartridges. The above solutions will be helpful if you encounter these issues. However, you must be careful when using Brother printers, especially when replacing the ink cartridges.

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