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Printer ink cartridges

How to Make Your Printer Ink Cartridges Last Longer?

Many users purchase printers and ink cartridges on impulse without checking their running costs. This can easily mount up and result in extra expenses that can be difficult to handle. So, before investing in printers and ink cartridges, you need to calculate the overall running costs and outline a budget. If you don't want to constantly replace your ink cartridge, whether you are printing at home or at the office, here are a few tips you can follow to make your printer ink cartridges last longer, thus saving you time and money.

Buying Compatible Ink Cartridges

Instead of purchasing ink cartridges from the manufacturer, you can consider buying the cheapest printer ink in Canada from third-party suppliers. Many of them offer non-OEM that provide good quality printouts at a much lesser price than the original.

Ignore Low Ink Warnings

You can often ignore out-of-ink warnings. When the warning messages appear, ink cartridges mostly still contain 8-45% of their ink.

Avoid Bold Texts and Large Fonts

Bold texts and large fonts require more ink to print, so make sure you pick a small text like New Courier and Arial and also switch off bold. Changing the font and font size could make your ink last a lot longer. Bigger fonts use more ink, so pick a 12-point font instead of a 14-point one.

Proofread Before You Print

Proofread your documents to look for mistakes before printing in order to avoid having to reprint them.

Change Pinterest Settings

Factory defaults sometimes cause printers to consume more ink than they need to. This can be easily changed. You can click start, select printers, right-click on your printer, and choose printer preferences, such as setting print quality to draft, colour to print in grayscale, and document options to print multiple pages per sheet. All of these measures can save you ink.

Use Print Preview

Many users print immediately from a document or website without considering how the page is formatted by their machine. This leads to needless blocks of ink appearing on paper. This accumulates and results in a high amount of waste, which can be used to print a number of different documents. Most websites are not optimised for printing. This means that one page can be stretched out over two or three. But using the preview mode lets you see exactly how the document will look and make necessary changes. Make sure you click on print preview before you print anything, and also check if you are printing only what you want to print. This can save you a lot of time and ink on reprinting.

Check for Clogged Nozzles

If your printer is not printing properly, it may not necessarily mean that the ink cartridge is over. It could be that the nozzles are clogged up. To fix this, simply remove the cartridge from your printer, and wipe the bottom with a damp paper towel.


So implement these tips in your printing practices to extend the lifespan of your ink cartridges, which can help improve your cost management while also producing high-quality prints.

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