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How Can You Save Money on Printer Ink?

How Can You Save Money on Printer Ink?

If your workplace involves extensive use of the printer, then you may have a rough idea about how much really goes into buying printer ink in a year. Replacing ink cartridges is one of the most common complaints since they require frequent ink replacements. Hence, many products and services have been developed in recent years to help people address these concerns; one of the ways to save money on printer ink is to invest in cheap ink for the printer. Let us see the various ways you can save money on printer ink.

Third-party Ink

Third-party printer inks have provided a great alternative to the high-priced replacement cartridges offered by printer manufacturers. Cheap ink for the printer is generally sold by third parties in cartridges that have been recycled and refilled, thus offering significant savings. A compatible cartridge from a reliable company can cost you much less than those provided by printer manufacturers. However, you must remember that these ink cartridges have downsides since they may not always work well and even clog the printer heads.

However, this can be avoided if you shop for an affordable ink cartridge with a good satisfaction guarantee. Some vendors also offer try-it-out options so that you can return the cartridges if you have a problem.  

Reservoir Printer

Ink cartridges included with the reservoir printers can last about two years. Once the bottles are empty, you can buy replacements for less than $20. This can be significantly beneficial in the long run. However, such printers tend to cost more upfront. The least expensive models are available for about $200. It is also important to consider the follow-up costs when comparing models. Considering the long-term benefits, these are some of the cheapest printers you can buy. You can have significant savings compared to other models that cost less but quickly run out of ink, leading you to invest in expensive ink cartridges.

You should know that each company estimates yield differently depending on underlying assumptions about typical consumer’s printing habits. Hence, you should not compare the manufacturer’s claim directly. You can consider reservoir printers if you do not want to invest in cheap third-party inks.

Keep the Printer Turned On

Leaving the inkjet printer on helps you avoid triggering a maintenance cycle each time you use it. This can yield big savings from the ink costs as most printers are evaluated using as much ink to clean the printheads. Keeping the printers on can cause a significant reduction in ink consumption, even on some of the most ink-using models. Most printers consume very little power when not in use. So your cost and environmental concerns from extra energy can be outweighed.

Print Smarter

If you rarely use printers, ensure the device splits a legible page. You can use the draft mode on your printer settings if you do not want high quality. Search in the printer preferences tab or print dialog box to find the draft mode. It not only uses less ink but also allows you to print faster. The draft mode is called EconoMode, Draft Quality, or Toner Save, depending on the printer type, manufacturer, and model.


These are the several ways to save money on your printer ink. Incorporate these practices in your printing tasks and save money in the long run.

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