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How Do You Choose an Ethernet Cable?

How Do You Choose an Ethernet Cable?

Are you trying to figure out what ethernet cable works well for you? Ethernet cables are needed for homes and office settings.

Definition: An Ethernet cable is primarily used for carrying broadband signals between your computer, router, modem, and other wired internet devices.

We’re here to help with a quick guide! In this guide, we will be sharing how you can choose an ethernet cable. Once you know the basics, you can order cheap ethernet cables in Canada.

But first, find out how you can choose an ethernet cable effectively.

First Step: Track the Internet Speed

It’s easy to track the speed of your internet connection. You can type it on the search engine and do a quick test. It will show you how fast your internet is. If you have 1 Gbps, even an old cord would cause hindrance. In the case of a slow connection, which is about ten megabits - you can get a new ethernet cable or perhaps a Cat 5e or 6.

Opt for the newest variant if you need to replace the old cable and get a new one. It just makes the whole process future-proof.

You might be wondering what Cat means. So, it refers to category. And the number with it refers to the specification version. You need a higher number if you want high speed and great performance.

Types of Ethernet Cables You Can Opt For

Cat 1 through 5 are slightly old, so it’s not relevant to know much about them. These are fairly slow and have been discontinued in most places.

Next comes the Cat 5e variant. E in the Cat 5e stands for enhanced. They go through rigorous testing, so indeed are better than Cat 5. Cat 6 is tightly wound, and you don’t get any noise disturbance with these. It can support almost 10 Gbps speed, but the price is a bit high. 

Then you’ve got Cat7, Cat7a, and Cat8. These are high-performance ethernet cables. Most people prefer these future-proof ethernet cables for obvious reasons.

Foil wrapping and Shielding

Ethernet cables are vulnerable to electromagnetic interference and other issues. It can cause serious problems when the wires are outdoors or with other communication cables. The solution is shielding which helps insulate these cables.

It’s easy to find the shield status of the cable you intend to purchase. Simply look at the codes.

If you see an ‘F,’ it means the ethernet cable is shielded with foil. S means that the cable has a braided screen.

So, if you keep these few things in mind, it will be easier to choose an ethernet cable.

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