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Your Ultimate Guide to Buy the Right Brother Ink Cartridge

Your Ultimate Guide to Buy the Right Brother Ink Cartridge

Buying the right ink cartridge not only keeps your printer running smoothly but also ensures the best quality prints and longevity of your printer, saving money in the long run. The right ink can help your documents come out crisply. However, it can be difficult to make a choice when there are so many options out there. So, we have put this guide together to help you navigate through the available options and get the right Brother ink cartridge for your printer.

Types of Brother Ink Cartridges

Brother printer ink cartridges can come in various sizes, shapes and types. All of them work well with Brother printer models. These include:

  • Standard ink cartridges: These are ideal for your everyday printing needs, offering a balance between cost and yield.
  • High-yield ink cartridges: These cartridges contain more ink that allows more pages to be printed. These are perfect for heavy users. They have a higher upfront cost but are more cost-effective in the long run.
  • Super or Ultra high yield cartridges: These cartridges offer the greatest number of pages per cartridge, which significantly reduces per-page costs. They are ideal for businesses with very high printing demands and are the most cost-effective.

Compatibility Considerations with Different Printer Models

Every printer model is designed to work with specific cartridge models. These are usually listed in your printer’s manual or on the company website. Picking the wrong cartridge can lead to poor print quality and even damage your printer.

So to ensure compatibility, make sure you check your printer’s model number, refer to the printer manual or official website for recommended cartridge model numbers, and look for the model number on the packaging when purchasing new cartridges.

Know the Difference Between Compatible, OEM, and Remanufactured Cartridges

Each type of cartridge has its pros and cons, which may vary from cost to compatibility. Buying the right kind of ink cartridge will depend on your budget, printing needs and personal preferences. Understanding the type of Brother ink cartridges will help you make an informed choice to ensure high-quality prints without breaking the bank.

  • OEM cartridges: These offer the highest consistency and reliability and are designed specifically for your printer model. They are made by Brother specifically for their printers and hence offer perfect compatibility. They are the most expensive but guaranteed to fit and work perfectly.
  • Compatible cartridges: These ink cartridges are produced by third-party manufacturers to work in Brother printers but at a lower cost. They are cost-effective, and quality may vary. Hence, you must purchase them from reputable brands for high-quality standards.
  • Remanufactured Cartridges: These cartridges have been cleaned and refilled. They are an eco-friendly option and are cost-effective.

Page Yield and Cost Per Page

  • Page yield is the number of pages a cartridge can print before running out of ink. Opt for high-yield or ultra-high-yield cartridges to lower overall printing costs for frequent printing.
  • Cost per page: This is the cost of the cartridge divided by its page yield. It indicates the real value of cartridges over time. Though high-yield cartridges have more upfront costs, they offer lower costs per page and are, hence, more economical.


If you want to maintain your printer’s health and get high-quality prints, it is crucial to choose the right Brother ink cartridge. With the above guidance, it will be easy for you to achieve the best possible results.

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